Nina Fuller is a nationally popular speaker and author of Special Strength for Special Parents. Nina has a gift for finding the spiritual truths in the life experiences we all encounter, helping us see the daily relevance of God’s presence.

Nina is the author of “Special Strength for Special Parents,” the first in a series of books for parents raising children with special needs.

Nina’s inspirational stories have also been published in several anthologies, including the Refined By Fire series, Focus on the Family, and in late 2009, Gifts, Volume II.

Nina has appeared on several television and talk radio programs advancing awareness of the value of children with special needs and their families.

Nina’s wide array of training and life experiences give her the expertise and insight to convey dynamic and timely truths to audiences of all ages.

Nina Fuller is a woman who has experienced many journeys and has learned to find joy and laughter in spite of the harsh moments that are common to all of us.

Nina can relate to young mothers who are raising pre-schoolers. She is, too!

Nina can relate to moms who are raising adolescent girls. She is, too!

Nina can relate to moms of teenagers – especially teenage boys! She has done it three times!

Nina can relate to moms who are learning to become their sons’ friend and not just their mothers. Her sons are now past childhood and building godly lives of their own.

After surviving a crisis pregnancy that almost took her life, Nina’s pro-life passion is stronger than ever.

Since having her daughter, Tess, Nina is now able to relate to parents who are raising children with special needs.

Nina is also the mother of an adopted daughter with Down syndrome and has a real appreciation for those dealing with adoption issues. She has a close and open relationship with her daughter’s birthmother and family