With vibrant confidence, Nina shares,

“I believe with all my heart God shapes us with every experience we encounter from childhood through adulthood. He prepares us for future ministry with the character-shaping events of yesterday and today. No trauma or crisis in our life is wasted if we surrender it to God’s loving plan.

Believe me! My life is living proof!”



Special Strength for Special Parents:

Special Strength for Special Parents is an excellent book to share with a parent struggling to reconcile his or her overwhelming life with the promises of God. It would also be an excellent choice of study for a support group or Bible Study for parents of children affected by disability. I found it a wonderful devotional to work through myself as one who supports these families. Many of the applications are appropriate for anyone facing struggles that were not anticipated or are overwhelming.
Each “Daily Dose” begins with a scripture reading and key verse(s), along with Nina’s observations—key teachings of the scripture in outline form. An anecdote follows—a story from Nina’s life or from another parent’s life that applies to the scripture. Then there are sections for “Intake Notes”—a place to record personal study, “Diagnostic Questions” and “Prescription(s) for Follow-Up”—designed to help the reader apply the lessons to his/her life. Finally, each daily dose ends with a testimonial from another family.
Praises for Special Strength!
Special Strength for Special Parents – 31 Days of Spiritual Therapy for Parents of Special Needs Children” is a great bookfor not only parents of children with special needs, but for anyone who has ever questioned the path that God has chosen for them. It is an inspirational look atheartbreak and triumph, and the power of prayer and the resilience of the human spiritNina Fuller has uncovered some of the most wonderful and inspiring stories of God’s faithfulness I have ever seen in one collection. This is a must read for anyone who wants to witness a true miracle… because there is one on every page. – Todd Perry, Vice President / Executive Director, The Pujols Family Foundation (St. Louis Cardinals’ Albert Pujols, and his wife, Deidre are featured on page 43 of Special Strength.)
This book is a gift to families! Sitting down with“Special Strength for Special Parents – 31 Days of Spiritual Therapy for Parents of Special Needs Children” is like sitting down with a friend who truly cares about you. Nina Fuller shares her heart and lessons of encouragement with her readers with empathic insight and spiritual wisdom. – Olivia King, LCSW, ACSW

It has been my privilege to be peripherally involved in several cases, like the Fuller family, who are vulnerable and kind enough to share their source of strength with the rest of us. If you love a great mystery and want to let God reveal the secret of life to you through the stories themselves, then read no further on this page and jump right into the first Daily Dose of Special Strength for Special Parents. - Linda Ramsey, MD, FACOG

Nina Fuller has created a book for parents that is encouraging and life giving. Even thoughSpecial Strength for Special Parents is written especially for parents of special needs children, any parent would be blessed to read the daily doses and reflect on the faithfulness of God through the good times and the bad. – Wes Yoder, Ambassador Speakers Bureau and Literary Agency